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Zurich, Open-enrollment Presentation Skills Course, July 2021

Updated: Oct 8, 2022


Our open-enrollment public speaking classes always have a mix of nationalities and occupations among our students. For our 1st summer 2021 open-enrollment Impact Presenting class, in Zurich, Switzerland, the group consisted of 2 scientists working for a Swiss company (1 from Switzerland, 1 from Germany) and a Swedish communications and marketing manager who lives and works in Zurich.


Like with most of our open-classes, here was a group of professional people who needed to communicate their expertise to the world and get action to get ahead in their jobs. The practical challenge we had was this was the first public event for all of us in a very long time. With 4 of us in a room with a usual 30-40 person capacity, it was a bit weird but after a few minutes we found our flow.


With the smaller group, we were able to give more practice time and individual attention to everyone attending. In addition to the regular curriculum of the Impact Presenting open-class (day 1 theory, day 2 practice), there were few enough people that we could really take a deep-dive into subjects like presenting hard data, presenting to non-experts, and virtual public speaking.


Participants were much more at ease on stage, more confident, and using powerful body-language on stage by the end of the 2nd day.

The scientists discovered that giving talks to their co-workers and management doesn’t have to be difficult, and that not only could it be easier, but they could even learn to enjoy the process and get creative about how they deliver their presentations, i.e. losing their slides, using flipcharts and whiteboards, and telling stories and engaging their audience.

The marketing manager learned that data alone doesn’t engage and motivate people, but making sure to include the spirit and emotion of key message through storytelling would spur her audience to action with greater engagement.

Everyone left with more confidence in their public speaking abilities, and enthusiasm for their upcoming presentations

If you are interested in joining our next course in your city, see our main page "open-enrollment" section for cities and dates!

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