• Eric Molin

Class-review, Lindt & Sprügli Fine Chocolate, Zurich, June 2017

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Switzerland. Famous for banks, watches, mountains, and of course, chocolate. In summer of 2017 I traveled to the world headquarters of Lindt & Sprügli, to coach their management team on giving presentations with more impact.

In this group we were: 2 lawyers, a marketing expert, an executive assistant, and a "master chocolatier" (chocolate expert and company ambassador). Together we spent the day, as with all Impact seminars, identifying their existing strengths when speaking, getting feedback how to improve, implementing those improvements, and then delivering a new and improved presentation in the afternoon session.

In this course, in addition to the Impact Presenting syllabus, we placed a focus on what makes the difference between a good and great presentation, as well as how to distinguish between anxiety and anticipation.

Check out a short clip here:

Recommendation by Fritz Stammwitz

"Forget the „usual“ way of trainings! This intense one day seminar Eric held in our company changed my way of presenting and showed us methods which are far above "putting the right Powerpoint charts together". The video analysis of the practice achieved direct results in changing the way of presenting and behaviour in front of an audience. I can gladly recommend this training and Eric as trainer"

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