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Zurich, Open-enrollment Presentation Skills Course, June 2022


Our open-enrollment public speaking classes always have a mix of nationalities and occupations among our students. For our 1st summer 2022 public Impact Presenting class, in Zurich, Switzerland, the group was a French representative for an NGO in Geneva, 2 managers from ABB Mobility, and a petroleum engineer working for StatOil in Norway.


Similar to other open courses we've held in Zurich and elsewhere in Europe in the past, we had diverse group but with common goals. First, that all of them were nervous about public speaking (which is normal, statistically 70% of people in the US have that fear) and second, all of them had important things they needed their audiences to know.


As with other courses first we give theoretical input, then stage time with individual attention to everyone attending. In this class we took a deeper dive into the power of stories in business, more powerful body language, and how to use our voices for maximum impact. All of those, in addition to our 4-step Impact Presenting method.


When signing up for the class participants were nervous about what the class would be like. For example, many of them had bad experiences in school with being nitpicked by teachers or professors who thought they were public speaking experts.

But what everyone realized is that those days are over. The great thing about being a business presenter is that as long as you get your message across clearly and confidently, with a clear call to action, no one cared exactly how you did it.

And they additionally realized that they were a lot better on stage presenting than they thought they were. We are usually our own worst critics but through group positive feedback, everyone had more confidence than when they walked into the class.

If you are interested in joining our next course in your city, see our main page "open-enrollment" section for cities and dates!

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