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In-house Sales Training. Emnify, Berlin, Germany, March 2019 class review

Updated: Mar 18

EMnify are experts in IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Their management decided that to give their company the best edge, they would invest in their employees’ presentation and sales skills. Management felt that it was too much telling and delivering information, and not enough of discovering their customers' problems and solving them proactively.

Impact Presenting delivered our 2-day "Sales Impact" workshop in Berlin, where Emnify is based.

This sales workshop was different than the usual Impact Presenting classes in that we trained the team on not only presenting, but also moving the deal forward.

An Impact Presenting Sales Seminar covers 6 key sales steps:

1) Our attitudes as salespeople – there are 4 key sales types, which one are you? Salespeople can be relationship oriented, expertise oriented, or results oriented - all of which have their strengths, but can also be apathy oriented (definitely not good)

2) Finding and approaching new clients – building a pipeline and getting an appointment - sources and strategies to approach potential new customers

3) Performing a detailed needs analysis – diagnosing your client through

4) Presenting your products and services – not just "telling" them. How to present your products and services with enthusiasm.

5) Recognizing challenges to the sale – price, competition, or just excuses and how to distinguish between them.

6) Overcoming those challenges and getting the deal – constantly moving it forward - remembering that asking for the sale will multiply your odds of getting it

Participants gave feedback that they enjoyed the practice orientation, and that like all our workshops, we focus on doing, role playing, and working with real scenarios.

It’s important to remember that for salespeople, presenting your services and products in the best possible light is not just an occasional thing – like someone giving a presentation in a "normal" job. It’s a task that a salesperson has to do all day long, so it’s good to have a system to use so you don't have to think about it each time.

If you want to know more about how we can help your sales team and organization, get in touch.

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