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PALA Investments and their journey to better communication

Pala Investments: How we implemented #impactpresenting

Guest written by Erica, Martina, and John of Pala Investments


In-house workshops: Pala first organized an inhouse presentation skills workshop with Eric in 2019, with the goal to improve presentations within the organization. The workshop was well received and greatly improved internal communications. After this initial success, Eric returned for a second workshop with Pala in 2020 with a focus on external communications. Both in-house courses offered an intensive, interactive, and practical training with positive feedback from team members.

Individual training:

Inspired by the group workshop, several Pala team members have worked individually with Eric through 1 on 1 sessions to improve communication skills. These trainings offered a personalized approach to address employees’ unique goals, building on strengths and addressing weaknesses.

Open-enrollment courses:

Pala has encouraged and supported employees to attend Eric’s open-enrollment courses in Zurich.


Key take-aways

  • Presentation skills and technique: Pala gained broad-based, essential presentation skills and techniques that were shared and employed across the organization. It has made presentations more informative, effective, and enjoyable for presenters and the audience. Some skills learned included:

  • Tell a story: A presentation should be told like a story with a clear message to be conveyed. What should your audience walk away with? Better, make this message personal and emotionally engage with the audience.

  • Actions are louder than words Body language, including posture and use of hands, is critical to effective communication and audience engagement.

  • Start with a question: Try starting your presentation with a question. Might sound odd at the beginning but it is a brilliant way to get connected with your audience immediately.

Clear call to action: A clear call to action at the introduction of presentations has helped Pala’s team stay focused on the goal at hand and make effective and efficient decisions. My colleagues face the same problems: Eric’s training was received across the organization, from senior management to junior employees. A mutual understanding that all employees had anxieties about public speaking allowed the team to work openly towards shared goals of improved communication and presentations.

Eric and Erica after their training session

Testimonials of two employees

John Nagulendran, Managing Partner “Eric’s programs have helped our organization immensely to identify and address challenges with respect to internal and external communications. In his workshops, he can uniquely not only connect on an individual level to each employee, but at the same time work to improve a collective team. We have seen the impact of his training on 1 to 1 communication between team members, internal meetings, and external presentations. Our sessions with Eric have made us individually more confident communicators, and together a better team.” Martina Reber, Senior Associate Research “I always hated presenting in front of a group. As an introvert speaking up does not come naturally for me. However, after the training with Eric my presentations are more effective and have a clear structure. The call to action is a very powerful technique to ensure the audience knows what you need from them. Using hand gestures and moving in the room releases stress from me and makes it more enjoyable for my audience. Suddenly, my colleagues walk into my office to give me positive feedback on my presentations and tell me that I am a great storyteller. Most recently, I even held a keynote about my journey to presenting. Two years ago, I would have never thought that this is possible.”

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