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Amsterdam, Open-enrollment Presentation Skills Course, October 2022


After a short break from offering our open-enrollment public speaking classes in Amsterdam during the pandemic, it was time to return!

Our open-courses are diverse: this time we had a Canadian business development representative based in Switzerland, a Russian IT project manager based in Amsterdam, a Norwegian HR vice president also based in Amsterdam, a social media manager based in Munich, and a Kenyan scientific pre-sales consultant working for the European office of a US based satellite photography company. Quite a diverse crowd! All of them wanting one thing: To speak with impact and have more impactful presentations.


What we discovered is that students of most of our open-courses, while diverse, have similar challenges. First of all, that almost everyone gets somewhat anxious when speaking to groups (which is normal as statistically, most people have this phobia) and second, everyone had important messages to tell their audiences.


Impact Presenting is a 2 step process. First off is the theory side, about how to manage speaking anxiety, craft a call to action, and harness enthusiasm. All the ingredients for an Impactful presentation. And second, getting on stage in front of the room and practicing those ideas. Here, participants learned what works, and what doesnt, and came away from the experience feeling more confident and ready to make their impact on their audiences.

We also covered the basics of better virtual presentations, with small hacks which give you more virtual impact.

Distracted with this view!


Like most people, participants were nervous about attending. A fear of public speaking, as common as it may be, is a real challenge and facing a challenge takes courage and is always a risk.

But what everyone realized is that it is not as hard as we think, and with even just a basic strategy and plan, we can give an amazing presentation. Even if we are introverted or shy.

Finally, every participant discovered they are a lot better at speaking on stage than they gave themselves credit for. People are harder on themselves usually than other people, so with 360 degree feedback coming from the whole group, students learned to trust themselves and not listen to the negative self-talk

If you are interested in joining our next course in your city, see our main page "open-enrollment" section for cities and dates!

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