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Novartis, Hungary, July 2021 (1-day Impact Presenting Executive)

Updated: Jul 11


Two senior managers for Novartis Hungary (the Head of County HR and the Head of Digital Business) wanted to up their presentation game so they got in touch. We decided that since it was only 2 of them, a 1-day program would bring the most value (at that level of management, taking 2 days off is a challenge). So off to Budapest, a comfortable 3 hour train ride from Vienna.


In a 1 day session Eric’s job was to boost the participants’ speaking skills when presenting to the rest of the company. Both participants had huge upcoming projects for which they needed audience buy-in, both from subordinates (in practical execution) and the Board of Directors (for funding and support). Both of them felt there were improvements they could make to their presenting skills, and wanted an expert to help guide them to better public speaking.


With only a short-time together, we shifted right into high gear. The Impact Presenting Executive Coaching program first gets the participants’ baseline by asking them to just present their subject the way that they would do it normally (i.e. how they have been giving their presentation until now). This lets the coach see where the person might already be strong regarding their public speaking skills: for example, someone might already have a clear take-home-message or might already make good eye contact with their audience.

Seeing where a client already is regarding their speaking skills is an effective approach because if someone is already doing something well during their talks, we don’t need to spend as long coaching them on that particular skillset and can instead spend more time on other needs.

We found that both leaders were already quite good at showing executive presence and it was just a matter of helping them develop and deliver clearer content (i.e. more prioritizing their key info), giving a “big picture” to the situation, and focusing on the audiences’ specific needs.

After a morning session with seeing their first draft practice rounds, with an intro to the 4-step Impact Presenting program, and then some more practice rounds of key elements of their talk e.g. their Call-To-Action, we grabbed lunch and resumed for the afternoon session of repeated presentation practice. The sessions were filmed for participants to later reference (something that 95% of people hate, but is a highly valuable tool in becoming an impactful presenter).


Both participants made huge improvements between the morning and afternoon sessions. 1 week later they reported back on the presentations that had given. They both found that instead of instead of their previous way of presenting (i.e. a formal reading of a list of bullet points) they could open their talk more confidently, could give better context, used their body language to amplify their message, and included discussing the broader implications of their proposed initiatives. They were able to get the buy-in that they needed to make their respective proposals a success!

If this sounds familiar, or if you think we can help your organization with something similar, or just want to know more, get in touch! +43 664 5423661 www.impactpresenting.com

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