• Eric Molin

Class review, in-house Presentation Course, Converse European HQ

Updated: May 18

In April 2019 we were lucky enough to teach the very first Impact Presenting course at the most iconic sneaker company ever, Converse, at their European Headquarters just outside Amsterdam.

At this 1 day in-house event, me and 4 members of the European, Africa/Middle East, and Asia-Pacific marketing team worked on polishing their upcoming presentations to be given to the entire organization.

Together the 5 of us: Eugenia, Line, Aleksandra, Claire and myself focused on what audiences want and the best way to give it to them. We looked at "typical" presentations, beginning with a title slide then slide after slide of text, then we looked at some alternatives.

We all agreed a photoshow was always better than a text slide so we focused on using photos as the lead-in to telling a story. Storytelling in business is tricky, but with the right photos it becomes a lot easier.

For example, one participant showed a picture of her brand new Converse just before her trip to the mountains of Thailand, and then after (muddy and beat up). And with that image, she told her story about her passion for Converse shoes which led to her seeking out a job with them, and now what was next on her journey which she needed everyone's help with. Another spoke of one of the sales teams (who would be in the audience for the official event) and their struggle to work successfully with several disadvantages like location and economic factors showing some photos of them nonetheless persevering.

Everyone could come up with a story which really harnessed the power and enthusiasm of the sales teams and found that instead of how they usually felt, getting on stage and reciting a lot of data, when they shared their experiences it was much easier and they could smile more on stage (a good thing to do).

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