• Eric Molin

Class review, Open-enrollment, Charlotte, NC, USA

At our open enrollment public speaking class in Charlotte, 8 professionals from different jobs and industries coming in from across the eastern USA, attended the Impact Presenting Charlotte course. Their goal: to improve their public speaking skills and how they make their impact on their co-workers and customers.

Kathy (pictured to the right) was pitching to her team about new rules for quiet time in the hospital where she works. She switched from a fact-based approach "do this, don't do that" and instead told some stories about her personal experience getting feedback from patients. Her fellow participants, totally engrossed in the story being told, later said there was no comparison between her first presentation draft (data based presentation) and her final one (with stories, which used the data.

Storytelling, powerful openings, and simplifying complicated information were the most important takeaways from this class.

There as Michael, who worked for a cellphone tower company. Instead of showing us his slides, he asked us to look out the window at a cell phone tower, then used that as an example while explaining his company's key unique selling points.

There was Avery, who was explaining processes, and used the furniture in the room to help get his point across.

Overall participants walked away with not just some new techniques, but a new way of thinking about presentations. If you want to attend our class in Charlotte, get in touch!

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