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In-house, CEVA Logistics Class, June 2021

Updated: Jul 11, 2022


CEVA Logistics, in Madrid, Spain, reached out regarding tickets for 3 of their employees to attend one of our Impact Presenting® open-enrollment courses which take place in various European and US cities throughout the year and are open to the public. After consultation they realized it made more sense for them to book an in-house class, where the course content would be custom formulated to their own needs regarding public speaking and business presentations.


The main challenge was that there was corporate reorganization so now the participants had to give presentations on new initiatives, including proposals which required extensive financial investment. Participants wanted to make sure their presentations skills were at the top of their game, especially now that they had new objectives and audiences.


The 2-day Impact Presenting class has a focus on the theory of impactful presentations (with video examples trainer input, and participant practice) on day 1, and then presentation practice (with body language and vocal exercises, and filming) on day 2.

On day 1, participants learned the 4-step model: 1) how to manage their public speaking anxiety, know their audience, and be authentic 2) have a clear call to action 3) deliver with enthusiasm and engage their audiences and 4) getting first steps from their audience for their call to action, and developing themselves further with feedback

On day 2, we put it into practice, with each participant having 3 presentation rounds, filmed, with feedback.


At the end of day 2 participants had picked up the following 3 key take aways:

1) Public speaking is a skill – just like an computer skill, or foreign language skill, or business competency. Its something which can be learned, and must be learned in order to succeed in business

2) That the audience cant see your nervousness, and knowing this will boost your confidence

3) That their authentic way of speaking was how they should continue to be, no matter what a snarky boss or co-worker might have said in the past.

4) To put your body language into it. Use your hands, use your voice, and (when unmasked), your facial expressions to help get your point across.


If this sounds like something you or your company wants to know more about, get in touch!

+43 664 5423661

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