• Eric Molin

Class review- Instinctif - Brussels, Belgium, November 2018

Updated: May 18, 2020

In October 2018 Impact Presenting was invited to hold an in-house presentation skills class for the communication and lobbying consultancy, Instinctif Partners, in Brussels, Belgium, the "Capital of Europe"

At this 1 day class, 5 international experts specializing in political intelligence, lobbying, consulting, and education in various industries came together to learn how to give better talks in public. Whether to government officials, industry groups, or internally within their own company, we covered how to give presentations to any audience about any subject, with more engagement and impact.

Some key takeaways were:

  • Brussels is an international place, so audience members probably speak English as a 2nd or even 3rd language, so keep the language basic and clear to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Before giving a talk, make sure everyone understands the background of your subject before talking about it. If someone doesn't know what you are talking about, they might not raise their hand to ask.

  • Stories work. People want to hear about the experience, not only the data. Bring a human face to every data point you want to present.

Most importantly we learned how to put away the slides, speak to the audience freely, give examples, pull the audience in with engagement, and everyone realized PowerPoint is a PART of the presentation, not THE presentation. The photo sums it up :)


Lucia Medori (3rd from right in photo above)

EU Affairs, Instinctif Partners / European Health Parliament

"I met Eric at his public speaking training. Great experience! He helped each participant to deliver impactful presentations and make the best out of individual potential. I particularly appreciated his guidance in building up the narrative behind each speech. I am making a great use of his advice! Highly recommended :)"

Later on Lucia and I had a conversation about her journey into public speaking, what she has been doing since the class, and how its been working for her and recorded it for our Impact Presenting podcast, episode 3. You can listen to it here or on


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