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Sales Training for DELO Industrial adhesives (3 part series) project review

Updated: Jan 17

DELO is a world leader in industrial adhesives, even winning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for their adhesive products. In 2017 and 2018, Impact Presenting performed a 3-part series of projects focused on improving their sales teams' performance.

The first sales training was in Windach, about 1 hour west of Munich at their headquarters.

professional sales training Munich Germany
Successful completion, phase 1

This course, like many of our projects, was highly international. We had salespeople attending from 6 different countries.

The agenda was very similar to our typical sales training and included 1) how to have a sales-oriented attitude 2) how to fill a pipeline 3) getting appointments 4) presenting, also upselling and cross-selling, and closing the sale.

We focused on creating a persuasive presentation based on the needs of the customer (and how to find those out). After pitching them, it’s important to check what the customer thought of your pitch. You must establish whether there was audience buy-in before you can move it forward.

· Finish with your Call-to-Action – Always finish your pitch by reiterating what it is you’d like from your audience. This could be their support, their ideas, or their action.

· Don’t be afraid to ask – A fear of rejection can be strong once you’ve poured your heart into giving your pitch. It’s easy to avoid finding out what the audience thought. But the end of your talk is the best window of opportunity to ask your audience for buy-in – don’t put it off.

· Give a clear request – This could be something as simple as asking for an appointment. For huge undertakings and projects, the first step could be agreeing that yes, something has to be done, and deciding more specific points later.

Phase 2 of the sales training took place in the US, in a suburb of Boston, at DELO's US Headquarters. We hosted a 2-day sales workshop with the US sales team as well as the pre-sales and post-sales engineers.

Over the 2 days, we had a similar agenda to phase 1, with a focus on all the same key sales competencies, but adjusted to the fact that it was a more homogenous market – US salespeople and US customers as compared to Europe’s multiple languages and cultures.

professional sales training Boston, Massachusetts
Successful completion, phase 2

Having successfully completed 2 major workshops, DELO now wanted to focus on the spearhead of their US expansion, which was their team of salespeople responsible for new account development.

For the 3rd phase of the sales training, Josh, Tim, Jonathan, and Eric spent a day together in Charlotte, North Carolina, focusing mostly on getting the sales meeting


Their aim was to pitch their company, fast, and to get an appointment for a face-to-face visit. Some challenges to overcome were getting the right person on the phone, overcoming the "email me some information" response, and getting the actual appointment.

The key takeaway here was that they should sell the appointment, not the product or company. If you try and sell too early on the call, the potential customer will not be interested (why should they be?) but if you wake up their interest, and can get a small commitment from them for a time-slot to pitch your company/product/service, then you stand a much better chance after giving them a more complete and formal presentation!

Sales coaching goal setting
The best sales techniques in the world are worthless unless carried out, that's why SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) are so important

Finally we wrapped up with goal setting. The number of calls you make, or emails you send, will have a ratio attached to it - specifically how many answers you will get, which is then further classified into appointments to pitch, and finally sales/or non-sales, so every sales team should be transparent about what their salespeople are trying to accomplish so they can support and motivate each other!

selling and presenting on the phone, charlotte nc
Successful completion, phase 3

The feedback has been that these trainings resulted in a direct improvement to sales performance both in the number of new appointments, number of new clients, and average turnover per client!

Client review

"I have worked with Eric several times now and have always been pleased with the classes that he provides. Eric worked with several of us together to make the class interactive and the class was very well tailored to our needs as professionals and to our industry. Thanks Eric!"

Josh Boquist

Sales training works. For more information on how we can help your team, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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