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2-Day Zurich Impact Presenting

If you really want to master public speaking skills, the 2 day IMPACT Presenting Zurich public speaking class will give you the confidence and ability, in a time efficient format, to give the kind of impactful presentations which get you the results and the success that you want **ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT!
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2-Day Zurich  Impact Presenting

Where and when

24 Jun, 09:00 – 25 Jun, 16:00
Kulturmarkt, Aemtlerstrasse 23, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland

Become a great speaker!

Gruzi Zurich! 

Are you nervous about giving presentations and wish you could look forward to them instead? Are you looking for ways to get your message across in an original and engaging way? Are you tired of saying “OK, next slide...” and want a “wow!” factor instead? Are you tired of being boring and want to engage your audience instead?

This Zurich public speaking course , "Impact Presenting", is a seminar teaching a simple system for creating better presentations and communicating your message to the world.

If you aspire to communicate better and get ahead in your careers as well as in your personal life, this class is for you. This class is an amazing networking opportunity to take a learning journey with other professionals who share your goal of being a better public speaker. With a maximum of 6 participants, we ensure a comfortable learning environment 

Our classes are a mix of theory and practice - with scenarios which are realistic to you.  You'll learn effective techniques and strategies which you can put to use immediately for better presentations and speeches the very next day.

​Started in 2011, we have helped over 3000 people from every corner of the globe and every kind of professional background to become better speakers - and we look forward to helping you too.

WHAT do you learn?

  • Overcome your fear and anxiety
  • Be authentic - discover your own presenting style which works for you
  • Explain technical and complex concepts clearly, even to non-experts.
  • Design scientifically-proven better slides OR presenting with no slides at all!
  • Avoid the most common presenting mistakes
  • Powerful body language and vocal emphasis techniques
  • Engage your audience and get buy-in
  • Use business storytelling to inspire

WHY do you need it? To improve:

  • Sales presentations & client pitches
  • Public speaking for introverts and shy individuals
  • Presenting to Investors & start-up pitches
  • Presentations for motivating organizational change 
  • Technical/specialist presentations 
  • "Elevator pitches" for split second opportunities

Training language: English

After the class:

You will look forward to giving talks, you will radiate increased confidence when communicating and presenting, and make a greater impact on your audience and customers. You will be able to pitch your ideas to colleagues, your boss, your customers, or even the Board of Directors!

See video previews of the class, read about the coach, and find out more on our main page

Read about our previous class in Zurich held in 2019 : 

Frequently asked questions: 

What about COVID? We are working with the situation, with small groups, using "COVID safe" meeting rooms, large enough to have enough physical space for everyone. We work with the guidelines of Swiss health authority in regarding to masking and m2 space between people. 

If, due to COVID, there are restrictions making a physical class impossible, the course will take place virtually and you will receive a partial refund to compensate

What level should my presentation skills be to attend? This class is unique that it’s a multi-level class. As a total beginner you can master the basics (i.e overcoming anxiety), or as an experienced presenter with new ideas (i.e. body language/vocal impact). As the classes are small (maximum 7 people), you can get individualized input from the trainer. 

I am seriously nervous i.e. I over-prepare, lay awake at night worrying, and afterwards know I could have done better. Can you help? Yes, we can :) Your situation is much more common than you think and usually in every group there is at least 1 person describing themselves this way.

I speak English well, but its not my first language, will it be a problem?

Not at all! Great presentations are about much more than the language. About 70% of our European attendees are non-native English speakers with English as their 2nd or 3rd language. 

Do I have to prepare anything for the class? 

You will get more benefit if you come to the class with a situation in mind where you will have to speak to an audience in the future, and we use that scenario when developing and practicing your skills. If you have no such situation, then no preparation is necessary, just have a clear idea of your goals for the class. 

Can you offer a discount for multiple tickets, i.e. if I am sending my team?

Yes, please inquire directly for more details. But if you are considering booking 4 places or more, think about a private in-company seminar instead. With 4 people, the investment is comparable and with 5 people or more, an in-house course is the better option. 

Terms and conditions (The important stuff)

Bookings are not final until payment or an official Purchase Order has been received. Payments can be done here at the time of registration by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer (Eric Molin, Raiffeisenbank, IBAN: AT983225000001904283 BIC: RLNWATWWGTD )  which is also offered as an option on the payments page: 

Open-enrollment seminars have a minimum required number of people to take place therefore bookings are non-refundable. If you cannot attend, someone else (i.e co-worker) instead as a substitute. If, by 2 weeks before the event, a seminar fails to reach the minimum necessary participant count you will be contacted to decide 1) if you want a 100% immediate refund or 2) to reschedule to future event.

We reserve the right to change locations within the same general neighborhood. Please make sure we have your telephone number and best email address to keep you informed accordingly.

Your investment
  • 1 Person - IMPACT Presenting

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