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What is Impact Presenting?

Impact Presenting is a better way of giving business presentations and public speaking which helps you get the results you need.  Based on our simple 4-step model, we train you to create and deliver effective and authentic presentations without wasting loads of time making slides. Regardless of how much you hate presenting, or how complicated or dry your area of expertise is, or introverted you might be - we believe we can teach you to deliver presentations with impact.


Our classes are a mix of theory and practice, using realistic scenarios and subjects which are relevant to your situation.  If you tell us what your goal is for the class, we will help you get there. You'll learn effective techniques and strategies which you can put to use immediately for better presentations and speeches the very next day. 

Started in 2011, we have coached over 3000 people from every corner of the globe and every kind of professional background imaginable to be a better speaker - and we look forward to helping you too.

The Impact Presenting

4 Step Model

What do you learn? How to:

  • Understand and minimize your nervousness and have more confidence when speaking

  • Be authentic and maximize your own style of speaking

  • Present technical & complex concepts clearly, even to non-experts

  • Design better slides , or even how to present with no slides at all

  • Project more authority to your audience, even if you do not feel authoritative 

  • Create a spark in your listeners through storytelling

  • Engage your audience to get buy-in for your plans and ideas

  • Handle difficult questions and/or audience members

Why do you need it?

  • Virtual presentations and meetings

  • Sales presentations & pitches

  • Presenting to management/executives  

  • Public speaking for shy people / introverts

  • Leadership and organizational change speeches

  • Specialized subject presentations to non-experts

  • Elevator pitches when you have to pitch, fast. 

  • ANY situation where you must inspire, inform, sell, or convince an audience of 1 or an audience of 1000.


Custom in-house workshops are available based on your individual/company needs - see more below

How can you learn it? (classes are offered on both a virtual and live basis * pending COVID restrictions)

And after the training?

You will start looking forward to giving talks, you'll radiate increased confidence when presenting, and make a greater impact on your audience, customers, colleagues, boss, or business partners getting you the action and results you want from your listeners

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Where we regularly hold courses (open & private/in-house) *pending Covid

Click the link (if applicable) to read more about previous classes in that city.


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Charlotte (US), Copenhagen, Denver (US),  Munich,  Vienna, Washington DC (US)Zurich and others.

Public speaking classes europe and

Open-Enrollment Courses


If your company is too small to have an in-house event, or if you are an individual looking to invest in themselves then the open-enrollment IMPACT Presenting if your best option .

These classes, open to the public, are held in the above cities throughout the year.


If you don't see your city, just ask! We might have a pop-up session planned there, or nearby (see below). We also update this list every 4-6 weeks so check back if you don't see what you are looking for.

Due to fluctuating rules and regulations regarding COVID 19, our in-person course schedule is fluid. Please check with us before booking and making travel arrangements

Open enrollment courses - Schedule for Europe / USA 2021

  • 1/2 Day Virtual Impact Presenting
    26 May, 09:00 – 12:30 CEST
    If you want to improve your presentation skills, for both virtual and live audiences, but can't travel, this course is for you. With just 3 to 4 students, the class is small enough to enable active participation and involvement, improving your public speaking and presentation skills... quickly!
  • 2-Day Zurich  IMPACT Presenting
    Thu, 24 Jun
    24 Jun, 09:00 – 25 Jun, 16:00
    Kulturmarkt, Aemtlerstrasse 23, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
    If you really want to master public speaking skills, the 2 day IMPACT Presenting Zurich public speaking class will give you the tools, confidence, and ability, in a time efficient format, that you can give the kinds of presentations which get the results and the success you are looking for.
  • 2-Day Denver IMPACT Presenting
    Mon, 23 Aug
    Regus - Colorado, Denver - 16 Market Squ
    23 Aug, 09:00 – 24 Aug, 16:00
    Regus - Colorado, Denver - 16 Market Squ, 1400 16th Street, 16 Market Square Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202, USA
    If you really want to master public speaking skills, the 2 day IMPACT Presenting Denver public speaking class will give you the tools and confidence to give the kinds of presentations which get the results you are looking for. A small group (4 to 7 people) ensures an effective learning environment
  • 2-Day Munich IMPACT Presenting
    Mon, 01 Nov
    Location is in central Munich, TBD
    01 Nov, 09:00 CET – 02 Nov, 16:00 CET
    Location is in central Munich, TBD
    If you really want to master public speaking, the 2 day IMPACT Presenting Munich public speaking class will give you the tools and confidence to give the kinds of presentations which get the results you are looking for. A small group (3 to 7) insures a safe learning environment.
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  • Do you need coaching and training focused on a specific role and/or industry? 

  • Are there others on your team or in your company who need to develop their presentation skills? 

  • Do you want to improve presentations across the entire organization? 

  • Do you want to connect a workshop with another company event i.e. building a stronger team with a hybrid speaking training/team-building event?

Then book an in-house event!

Have a customized training, coaching, or keynote talk, delivered at your company offices or off-site location of your choosing, with a completely flexible schedule, class size, curriculum, and agenda that fits your specific needs.


1/2 day, 1 day , 2 day, or 3 day courses and keynote speeches on the subject of communicating and public speaking

Group size

From 1 person to 20+  Larger groups? Get in touch with us

Curriculum and agenda:

Customized to your exact specifications for content, theory/practice ratio, and areas of specialization needed.  Additional pre-class coaching and prep-work as well as post-class follow-up and assessments can also be arranged to your preferences.

Benefits of an in-house workshop:

  • Integrate public speaking skills into your employee talent development programs

  • Powerful team-building effects - your team members learn to build up each other's strengths

  • Privacy: have a confidential atmosphere for presenting sensitive data

  • The perfect add-on event - turn get-togethers into fun opportunities to become great speakers, together


To give you an idea of the diversity of our clientele, here is an A - Z of some of our previous clients' job titles:


Architects, Bankers, CEO & CFO (publicly listed companies) , Data scientists, Engineer, Fundraisers, Graphic-designers, Human Resources, Investment advisers, Journalists, Key-account managers, Lawyers, Managers, Nurses, Operations-managers, Public-relations, Quote managers, Recruiters, Statisticians, Teachers & trainers, Urban planners, Veterinarians, Wine boutiques, X-ray machine salespeople, Youth-workers, Zoologists

So while you probably didn't see your exact job title above, with this diverse range of professional experience, we can help you too.  Get in touch with us for a customized quote  


Don't see your city or date above? No problem! You can attend a Pop-Up Class.


Pop-up classes are Impact Presenting 1 or 2 day courses which are scheduled and located based on the availability of the students.  When we have a date/location suitable for at least 3 people, the course is booked! If you want to know more, get in touch for more info 



And the results of our classes for the end-user? See for yourself - big smiles with an enthusiasm to go hit the

stage with confidence. This is our goal for every one of our classes, coachings, and workshops. 

For more details about select individual classes, check out our class reviews in our case studies blog.

Virtual Impact Presenting
Virtual Impact Presenting

May 2021: A 3 part Impact Presenting virtual class, focusing on better public speaking, virtual pitches, and more effective communication for Tricentis GmbH: an automated software testing company based in Vienna

Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria

An executive presentation coaching for Native Waves GmbH, experts in 360° broadcasting, coaching the founders and C-suite on presentation best-practice. For a more info about the class check out the case study on the link below

Hannover, Germany
Hannover, Germany

For a more info about the class check out the case study on the link below

Copenhagen, Denmark, Virtual
Copenhagen, Denmark, Virtual
Los Angeles/Detroit/SFO Virtual course
Los Angeles/Detroit/SFO Virtual course
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

See our blog for a class review

Washington DC
Washington DC

For a review, check out the case study on the link below!

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

For a more info about the class check out the case study on the link below


Many training companies have nice descriptions of courses on their website, but what are their classes really like? Before investing your valuable time and money, know what you are getting.  To give you a realistic impression what to expect, here are a couple of short video clips filmed in one of our workshops


Anxiety or anticipation?

Something everyone should keep in mind when feeling "stage fright" before giving a talk.  Guess what? Its totally normal. Most people have this fear and its also mostly invisible. Hear more about how you choose to experience this fear.

Average vs. Great Presenters

Most people can't even imagine a presentation without PowerPoint. This attitude places too much emphasis on slides, and too little on the message and delivery. Hear more about this, and some alternatives.


Find out more about some of our previous courses: who the students were, our focus, the problems we faced, and challenges we overcame. With pictures, videos, and more - if you are curious what one of our classes is like, this is the place discover more

More about Head Coach and Founder,

Eric Molin


Eric Molin is the founder of Impact Presenting and an international expert, coach, and trainer in business presentation skills and public speaking.

Before becoming a trainer, he worked 10 years in b2b and b2c sales, so he understands what “real business” means. He has an MBA as well as training in stage acting and combines these two disciplines to bring a unique experience to teaching people how to deliver impactful presentations.


With his proprietary 4 step Impact Presenting methodology, 5 years in the making, he offers a dynamic and unique learning experience which encourages learning by doing and with experimentation, avoiding the structured or academic approach.


His classroom is a place to face your old fears, try new things, leave behind old obstacles, discover new skills and talents you never knew that you had, and become the speaker you always wanted to be. 

Eric understands that public speaking is harder for some people than others and can give the right level of motivational push to those who need a little help breaking through their limitations. And as someone who has spoken on stages worldwide in front of thousands, he can help even the best speaker reach new levels of greatness and to the top of their game. 

Originally from the US, he has lived in Vienna for almost half his life and when there isn't a pandemic going on, splits his time between Austria and the USA. Find out more about him on his professional Linked-In profile 

Client References 


See what just a few of our clients have to say about their experience with us. You can also visit Eric Molin's Linked-In profile to view more references or see our Google Page 

BSR Copenhagen approached Eric to organize a team Impact Presenting workshop .. then Covid-19 hit! Eric demonstrated great flexibility and agility in accommodating for the new situation, re-scoping the workshop to an online course focused on the new reality of 'Zoom' presenting and distanced working. We greatly enjoyed the sessions, learned so much about impactful online facilitation and definitely put these learnings into practice. I definitely can recommend Eric and his team, thanks so much!

Francesca Manta

Associate Director

Business Social Responsibility

As a shy person who always had nervous breakdowns before presentations, I very much enjoyed this training since Eric really makes one feel comfortable and taught us tricks to calm down  and present in a way that its a story and not just boring blabla.


The training really gives you a framework how to build your presentations in your own way and work and build up on it over the years to come. Eric gave us the perfect platform to test our own limits and play around with our competences.

Isabel Knobel

Content Developer

"Forget the „usual“ kind of training courses! This intense one day seminar Eric held in our company totally changed my way of presenting and showed us methods which are far above just putting the right Powerpoint together. I can gladly recommend this training and Eric as trainer."

Fritz Stammwitz

Country Manager

Lindt and Sprügli 


I'm not a big fan of doing presentations but Eric's energetic and hands-on teaching helped me to increase my confidence as well as giving me some nice tips and tricks to rely on. I really liked the approach and focus on practice with immediate feedback during the workshop.

Oliver Dumboeck 

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer 

NativeWaves GmbH

I took Eric's one day IMPACT Presenting workshop this month and it was very helpful! He took the time to make it personalized for the people participating and made it very interactive. We weren't there just sitting and listening to him but we were engaged the whole time. His 4-step model and tips and tricks on how to look at and prepare for presenting are nice actionable items you can take with you. I'd recommend his workshop if you'd like to improve your presenting.

Ian Suber

Global Account Manager

Eric Molin has been our trainer for the „Impact Presenting workshop“ at Hannover Biomedical Research School since 2018. We have about 250 international PhD students in our graduate school and they enjoy Eric’s courses very much. The feedback is always excellent. We are happy to have him and will certainly arrange further courses in the future.

Dr Susanne Kruse

Program Director at 

Hanover Medical School

International references 

Johan Mattijssen, Senior Product Manager, Voith
Johan Mattijssen, Senior Product Manager, Voith

Thomas Bode, Director of Business Intelligence
Thomas Bode, Director of Business Intelligence

Katharina Nilsson, Senior Global Distribution Operations Manager
Katharina Nilsson, Senior Global Distribution Operations Manager

Johan Mattijssen, Senior Product Manager, Voith
Johan Mattijssen, Senior Product Manager, Voith

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