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What is IMPACT Presenting?

A way to quickly and easily learn public speaking.  Based on 4 simple steps, help in overcoming anxiety and creating and delivering presentations which get results


This system of training focuses on practical examples, working with realistic scenarios and subjects which are relevant to you personally, giving you tools and strategies which can be applied immediately for better presentations and speeches the very next day.

We have trained over 2000 people from over 40 countries to be better presenters. 

The IMPACT Presenting

4 Step Model

  WHAT do you learn?

  • Overcome your nervousness and have more confidence

  • Be authentic - use your own presenting style - not someone else's

  • Explain technical and complex concepts clearly

  • How to make scientifically-proven better slides 

  • The art of presenting with no slides at all

  • How to use proper body-language and vocals

  • How to use storytelling to inspire

  • Avoid the most common presenting mistakes

  • Engage your audience and get buy-in

  • Handling difficult questions and/or audience members

WHY do you need it? 

  • Sales presentations & pitches

  • Presenting to management/executives  

  • Negotiation and persuasion situations

  • Public speaking for shy people / introverts

  • Leadership and organizational change speeches

  • Specialized subject presentations to non-experts

  • Elevator pitches when you have to pitch, fast. 

  • Any situation where you must inspire, inform, sell, or convince an audience of 1, or an audience of 1000.


Custom in-house workshops can be designed based on your individual/company needs - see more below

HOW can you learn it?

Attend an open-enrollment public speaking seminar (see dates below)

Book a custom in-house seminar executed for your team, on-site at your office or location of your choice

Book a private 1 on 1 presentation skills coaching half-day/full-day

And afterwards?

You will look forward to opportunities to give talks and share your ideas, you'll radiate increased confidence when presenting, be more memorable, and make a greater impact on your audience, customers, colleagues, boss, or business partners. 


The 1 and 2 day IMPACT Presenting class is held in the following cities throughout the year:

 Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston (USA), Brussels, Charlotte (USA) Copenhagen, Denver (USA), Frankfurt, 

Luxembourg City, Munich, Stockholm, Vienna, and Zurich 

Upcoming courses - open-enrollment to the public
2-Day Vienna IMPACT Presenting
Mergus, Am Gestade
2-Day Zurich IMPACT Presenting
2-Day Munich IMPACT Presenting
TOP Tagungszentren AG | München
2-Day Berlin IMPACT Presenting
Regus - Berlin
2-Day Luxembourg IMPACT Presenting
Regus - Luxembourg
2-Day Zurich IMPACT Presenting
2-Day Amsterdam IMPACT Presenting
Canal House Hotel
2-Day Amsterdam IMPACT Presenting
Canal House Hotel
2-Day Zurich IMPACT Presenting
2-Day Vienna IMPACT Presenting
Mergus, Am Gestade

On-site and private in-house events

  • Do you need training specific to a specific role and/or industry? 

  • Are there others on your team or in your company who need these skills? 

  • Do you want to improve presentations across the entire organization? 

  • Do you want to connect a workshop with another company event?

Then book an in-house event! Have a customized training, coaching, or keynote talk at your company offices, with a completely flexible schedule, class size, curriculum, and agenda that fits your specific needs.

Schedule: 1/2 day, 1 day , 2 day, or 3 day courses and Keynote speeches

Group size: Between 1 and 30 people. Larger groups? Get in contact

Curriculum and agenda: customized to your exact specifications for content, theory/practice ratio, and areas of specialization needed.  Additional pre-class assessments and prep-work as well as post-class follow-up can also be arranged to make the most of your financial and time investment.

Benefits of an in-house workshop:

  • Integrate public speaking skills into your employee talent development programs

  • Powerful team-building effects - your team members learn to build up each other's strengths

  • Privacy: have a confidential atmosphere for presenting sensitive data

  • The perfect add-on event - turn get-togethers into fun opportunities to become great speakers, together


To give you an idea of the diversity of our clientele, here is an A - Z of some of our previous clients & participants' job titles and industries:


Job titles:  Architects, Bankers, CEO & CFO (publicly listed companies) , Data scientists, Engineer, Fundraisers, Graphic-designers, Human Resources, Investment advisers, Journalists, Key-account managers, Lawyers, Managers, Nurses, Operations-managers, Public-relations, Quote managers, Recruiters, Statisticians, Teachers & trainers, Urban planners, Veterinarians, Wine boutiques, X-ray machine salespeople, Youth-workers, Zoologists

Industries:   Advertising, Business intelligence, Chocolate, Defense & security, Executive development, Finance, Government, Health care, Insurance, Jewelry, Knowledge management, Lobbying, Medical Schools, Non-profits (charities, NGO's, sport and industry associations), Oil and gas, Pharmaceuticals, Quality standardization, Real estate, Software (SaaS), Transportation, Universities, Voice-recognition technology, Wood & lumber, X-ray machines, Yachts, Zinc-galvanization 

So while you probably didn't see your exact industry or job title above, with this diverse range of professional experience, we're sure we can help you too.  Get in touch with us for a customized quote  

Pop Up Classes 


Don't see your city or date above? No problem! You can attend a Pop-Up Class. What we have discovered over the past years is that people need flexibility. Pop-up classes are the normal IMPACT Presenting 1 or 2 day courses, at the same price, which are scheduled according to the availability of  the students, in one of our regular cities.

Once we find a date agreeable to at least 3 people (sometimes 2 people) the course is then booked.


Your time, your place. 


 Get in touch below for more info 


Photo gallery of previous classes, seminars, and events

Many training companies have nice descriptions on their website, but what are their courses really like? Before investing your valuable time and money, know what you are getting.  To give you a realistic impression what to expect, here are a couple of short video clips filmed in one of my workshops in 2017

Anxiety or anticipation?

Something everyone should keep in mind when feeling "stage fright" before giving a talk.  Guess what? Its totally normal. Most people have this fear, and its also mostly invisible. Hear more about what you can do with this fear instead.

Average vs. Great Presenters

Most people can't even imagine a presentation without PowerPoint. This attitude places too much emphasis on slides, and too little on the message and delivery. Hear more about some alternatives.



Our podcasts are a collection of conversations with real people for better business communications, leadership, crossing and connecting cultures, influencing and persuading or simply about the speaker's own journey to better public speaking. I speak with anyone who has value to add:  former students, other coaches, high-level executives, and whoever might have something to say which will inform and inspire you to better communication.

Who is Eric Molin?


Eric Molin, MBA

Eric Molin is the founder of Impact Presenting (started in 2009) and a a professional coach, trainer, and facilitator with 10+ years of international experience teaching public speaking at companies from small tech start-ups to billion dollar enterprises with 50k+ employees. 

Originally coming from a sales background he brings a mix of business know-how and teaching experience to his classes and avoids the academic approach preferring instead to mix theory with practice and ideas with experimentation. 


Based in both Austria and the USA, he has held workshops in over 15 countries, and coached over 2000 people coming from over 40 countries. He is a high-energy individual who is always up for a professional challenge.  

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Client References 


Personal references (desktop browsers only):

Visit Eric's Linked-In profile to view more references, or let us know if you want a reference from a specific project


Senior Content Editor


Product and Sales Manager

Lindt and Sprügli 


Sr. Product Manager

Navisite, USA




Innovation Manager


Organizational Development

Zurich Insurance

Video references


Product Manager 

Hager Companies 


Vice President Customer Success

Wrike Ltd.


Global Finance Expert

Barry Callebaut

Références en Français


Supply Chain Specialist 


Director of Business Intelligence


Internal Audit and Compliance

Referenzen auf Deutsch


Sales Manager & Vertriebsleiter 


Post-class review
Post-class review


Executive Assistant 


Product Development


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